PF PRINT & EMBROIDERY CONSUMABLES 48 images JUNE 2021 ETC Supplies: Film, Toppings and Backings ETC Supplies’ eco-friendly embroidery backings Mesh Water Soluble Film, Water Soluble Non Woven Backing and Heat-Sol Topping or Backing are all non-toxic, biodegradable and compostable. Its water-soluble films and non- woven backings are available in a range of cold and hot water-soluble options, while its heat-soluble products are designed to dissolve with heat. The colourless and odourless products are made from PVA. “When embroidering, the products can be used as a topping or backing,” explained the supplier. “They provide great stability, and hold the embroidery design in place without distortion. When you have completed your embroidery, just tear away anything you don’t want and anything inside the design will dissolve in cold water — the product breaks down into harmless H2O and CO2 in the environment; when heated, Heat-Sol works in the same way,” it added. Madeira UK: Embroidery Threads Madeira UK says its embroidery threads are optimised for industrial embroidery machines to help users produce outstanding results across a wide range of applications. The company offers a variety of different weights, colours and finishes, from high-sheen Classic viscose and Polyneon polyester to sparkly metallic, as well as totally matt and reflective embroidery thread. For more specialist technical requirements, the High Conductive embroidery thread and a fire-resistant product range are also available. Its Reach-compliant embroidery threads are also certified to the Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex to give embroiderers and their customers the peace of mind that they’re completely safe, even for babywear, and that the colours will remain consistent. The company also offers embroidery accessories, backings, toppings, needles, scissors and sprays, with new additions including an industrial bobbin winder and magnetic frames in three sizes, which are suitable for most machine brands. GS UK: Filmoplast Backing and Gunold Oil Pen Perfect for both large and small embroidery businesses, the Filmoplast range of embroidery backing now offers a new 25m x 25cm roll size. GS UK says the versatile Filmoplast backing is an ideal choice when embroidering garments that are difficult to frame due to their size, thickness or location of the embroidery, such as shirt cuffs, collars, blankets, handkerchiefs, napkins and ties. “When used in conjunction with Fast Frames, it’s also perfect for embroidering onto soft toys.” Filmoplast can also be used for stabilising stretchy fabrics, such as T-shirts and materials containing elastane, plus more delicate fabrics where frame marks are unwanted. “And no matter how large or small your embroidery machine may be, it will always need a drop of oil and regular cleaning to ensure it continues to run smoothly,” adds the supplier. “The Gunold Oil Pen is the ideal tool for oiling those hard-to-reach areas.” The newly designed, acid-free oil pen now holds 12ml of oil (previously 8ml), and features an extended tip, plus a new ergonomic shape with a visible pressure point to enable more accurate dosing. International Coatings: Axeon Non-PVC Inks International Coatings says its Axeon non-PVC, non-phthalate screen printing inks were developed to meet the sustainability demands of today’s consumers, without compromising the ease-of-use performance and durability demands expected by the printer. Axeon inks can be screen printed just like regular plastisol inks, with no need to change emulsion, curing temperatures or dryer speeds, and can also be printed wet-on-wet. The Axeon range includes a colour mixing system, low-bleed white, blocker underbase and 19 special effects inks, including a clear gel gloss and high- density inks. Madeira UK’s embroidery threads are certified to the Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex International Coatings’Axeon Non-PVC inks can be printed wet-on-wet ETC’s water and heat-soluble backings are both biodegradable and compostable The newly designed Gunold Oil Pen now holds 12ml of oil