In considering sustainability when deciding to print, PERMASET ® Inks are the most environmentally responsible choice PERMASET ® inks are working towards a cleaner environment and are • safe for printers to use with no toxic chemicals and easy clean up with just water • vegan—our ingredients are not sourced from animals and our inks are not tested on animals. Ingredients sourced from plants are certified GMO free • made using sustainable practices—our solar array generates twice as much energy as we use to power our own processes. That’s enough to power 20 homes and save over 150 tons of green house gases a year. This year we purchased an EV for local deliveries that will save over 4,000 kg of CO 2 per year. We strive to tread lightly on the earth by recycling our paper, water and metal waste. We choose longevity over single use. Slow fashion over fast fashion. When cured, PERMASET ® prints are durable, wash, rub and dry clean resistant. Our PERMATONE ® inks passed the Oeko-Tex ® Standard 100 Class 1 and are safe to use on underwear, swimwear and even baby clothes (infants under 2 years). We are part of a community of eco-conscious printers, our website and YouTube channel delivers educational content empowering screen printers with ideas, methods and engagement. We have 3 ranges of textile screen printing inks for all your printing needs: PERMASET Aqua ® transparent ink range is suitable for light tone fabrics and is rich in coverage with exceptional colour yield. PERMASET ® SUPERCOVER opaque range of vibrant ink colours can be printed straight onto dark fabrics without using an under-base. Our SUPERCOVER White ink is renowned as the best water-based Opaque White on the planet! PERMATONE ® mixing set can match 1869 colours and has been granted Approval by the Soil Association of the UK—giving you the best choice for organic screen printing. Safe, 100% solvent free, sustainable, water-based screen printing inks for the eco-friendly professional—see what the fuss is about Enquiries & Sales: Steve Wood Services Ltd Yorkshire, United Kingdom Phone: +44 1423 358 989 Email: Scan for info on sustainability Scan for our YouTube channel