Images Digital Edition DEC 2018

PF PRE-PRESS AND PACKING 70 images DECEMBER 2018 Pre-press equipment and packing machines are the unsung cost reducers and productivity boosters in garment decoration shops. Check out our annual review to discover the products that could make your business more profitable in 2019 Unsung heroes Adelco: Thermotron “This year, Adelco became the proud UK distributor for Thermotron, a manufacturer of packing machines for the textile sector,“ says Adelco. “Thermotron is a Greek company that has been in the industry for over 40 years and is recognised for its innovation and quality.“ Thermotron offers a comprehensive range of automatic machinery, including folding, bagging, stacking and sealing machines, which are either modular or complete in design so as to cater to each individual company‘s needs. “Compared to other machines available, these have the lowest price point on the market,“ adds Adelco. The company reports that the Thermotron folding machine, the STP-1000, folds ready-made clothes “quickly, silently and with precision“. It requires just one operator and is designed to fold various types and sizes of clothes. The maximum production capacity is said to be 700 pieces per hour. Both the PV40 bagging machine and KL55 sealing machine can be added to the STP-1000 folding machine. This combination of machines will fold, bag and seal garments, and can be operated without an additional operator. Various other configurations can be put together with the STP-1000, such as the NT50 stacking machine, which will stack the folded clothes. “The large combination of choices, as well as semi-automatic options, aims to offer the most cost-effective purchase for the print shop,“ concludes Adelco. The STP-1000 from Thermotron can be combined with bagging and sealing machines YES: EZ-Treat PRO and DTG-PTM YES currently offers two solutions for the pre-treatment of textiles for vibrant DTG printing. “The EZ-Treat Pre-Treat Maker Pro features a simple- to-use yet powerful control system which delivers fantastic performance with real-time controls during operation,“ reports the company. Operators can switch off nozzles, set varying heights and widths, and enjoy four different spray values (volume control). Offering up to three different pre-treatments in one machine, the machine has in-built drainage at four different levels to remove the waste created by daily usage. “For those looking for an entry level pre-treatment system, the brand-new DTG-PTM automatic pre-treatment machine by DTG Digital offers you pre-treat perfection at a competitive price,“ says YES. “This machine allows anyone to pre-treat a shirt. Just set the amount of pre-treat you need, put the shirt in and push a button. That’s it. Start pre-treating faster, better and more accurately with the DTG-PTM Automatic Pre-treat Machine.“ According to YES, a unique dual spray nozzle system delivers precision surface coating, and the machine is easy to clean and maintain thanks to an integrated semi-automated cleaning function. The DTG-PTM encapsulates the shirt entirely, so there is no misting of pre-treat into the print room. “With the new DTG-PTM, you can improve throughput and benefit productivity.“ YES concludes: “Whatever your pre- treat needs, these machines are the perfect choice for keeping colours vibrant and providing longevity.“ The EZ-Treat Pre-Treat Maker Pro from YES