Images_Digital_Edition_March_2020 MARCH 2020 images 75 PF EMBROIDERY We take a look at the latest embroidery machines and equipment from leading suppliers Sewto the point Barudan: Pro 3 Single-Head Embroidery Machine The BEKT-S1501CBIII, otherwise known as the Pro 3, is Barudan’s newest single-head embroidery machine, which boasts a maximum speed of 1,300 stitches per minute onto flat garments, or 1,000 stitches per minute onto caps. The Pro 3 has an open, bridge-style chassis with a 360x500mm sewing area to provide more space for larger items, such as duffle bags and large jacket back embroidery, explains Barudan. Other new features of the machine include a KT Automat 8.4” LCD touchscreen with user-friendly icons, a new high-speed colour change system and a new MK8 trimmer system that’s said to require little or no adjustment. A new tensioner system is also said to provide better and easier thread tensioning, with accurate thread-break detection. The Pro 3’s new slimline cylinder arm allows sewing deeper into confined areas, and higher on caps, adds the company, noting that “our exclusive positive needle drive system also ensures quality embroidery on all types of garments, including thick karate belts and 3D foam on caps”. Also available from Barudan are the K-series compact four-, six- and eight-head embroidery machines, as well as the company’s LEM networking software. Barudan’s Pro 3 single-head embroidery machine has a 360x500mm sewing area to provide more space for larger items Madeira: Embroidery Essentials Madeira says it offers a comprehensive range of high quality embroidery threads suitable for garment embellishment across all market sectors. The company comments: “Our current thread range has over 100 years of research and development invested, ensuring you run the best quality product on your machine. 2020 has already seen the launch of our brand new website ( , where you can access everything you need to know about our range of embroidery threads, backings and accessories, all of which are designed to meet the demands of a modern embroidery business.” The company’s new website also features useful tips for anyone who’s new to embroidery, as well as news about Madeira’s sustainable thread production processes, Oeko-Tex accreditation, training courses and more. “We have recently introduced the new magnetic snap frame with adaptor bars to fit most machine brands. Made in the UK, these frames are time-saving, ideal for thick fabrics and won’t leave hoop marks,” explains the company. To help customers save time and money, Madeira is also now offering a bespoke cutting service on the majority of its backings. “Whether you require squares or rectangles, the roll you select will be accurately machine cut, boxed and delivered to your embroidery base.” 2020 has seen the launch of Madeira’s newwebsite, which features news about sustainable thread production