PF DTG PRINTING 44 images SEPTEMBER 2020 Xpres: Epson SureColor SC-F3000 Now available for pre-order and demonstrations, the Epson SureColor SC- F3000 enables users to create full-sized platen, dark T-shirt prints in 60 seconds. The production-level printer promises “incredibly low running costs”, partly due to its nine-litre capacity bulk ink system along with 1.5 litre ink pouches. Featuring new Epson production head technology and supplied with a new bulk ink system and stand, the SC-F3000 is designed to appeal to T-shirt printers with medium to high volume output. “It’s perfect for users that want print flexibility for a variety of garments,” suggests UK distributor, Xpres. Resolute DTG: Ricoh Green Button DTG Printing Systems “We have combined state-of-the-art equipment from all corners of the globe to create one of the most cost-effective DTG printing systems,” says Resolute. Available in two configurations (depending on the required throughput), the company’s Green Button DTG systems are scalable and, using Resolute’s own RIP software and modifications to a standard Ricoh Ri 1000 DTG printer, enable multiple devices to be driven from one central computer. Exclusive faster print modes are also available through the Resolute RIP software. “Our chosen pretreatment machine is the only one available that can be programmed to spray in any specific area,” explains Resolute. “Working like a flatbed printer, it uses a spray nozzle instead of a print head to deliver the right amount of pretreatment in a specific area with stunning accuracy. “It can also be programmed by scanning a barcode to simplify orders taken via the internet. With automatic nozzle maintenance and no edge-to-edge overspray, this really is the most economical pretreatment system available.” If the Viper Maxx pretreatment machine is not required, the XPT 1000 option reduces the cost of the full system by £2,000. The Epson SureColor SC- F3000 has a nine-litre capacity bulk ink system with 1.5 litre ink pouches Brickweb: The Brick Factory The Brick Factory, from custom web development specialists Brickweb, is a turnkey solution for businesses supplying personalised products and custom printed garments. Ideal for DTG-based shops, the cloud portal is equally well suited for screen printing, embroidery and sublimation printing set-ups. “The Brick Factory boasts a comprehensive suite of features that will allow you to run your entire merchandising empire in real-time, from any device, including phones and tablets, anywhere in the world. “Using our bespoke modules for ordering, shipping and fulfilment, you and your customers will save precious time and improve the experience for both of you. We can also add a range of affiliate programmes if you wish,” comments Brickweb. The Brick Factory’s automation features allow users to transfer design files directly to DTG printers. They also enable users to synchronise operations with all the major accounting software suites, including Sage and Quickbooks, and the major multi-brand distributors, such as PenCarrie, Ralawise and Prestige Leisure. Ebay, Amazon, WooCommerce, Wordpress and Shopify are all supported. Brickweb advises that the best way to evaluate what Brick Factory is able to do for your business is to arrange a demonstration. The Brick Factory provides a turnkey solution for print-on-demand suppliers of personalised products and custom printed garments The Ricoh Ri 1000 DTG printer