ImagesMagUK_March_2021 MARCH 2021 images 51 IS LEAVERS HOODIES 2021 leavers hoodies printed by Parallel Prints in Glasgow For Ola Adeyemi, director of Ripples Designs and Prints in Aberdeen, Scotland, Easter is usually the busiest period for leavers’ hoodies. While noting that her team is having to reach out to schools more this year rather than schools getting in touch, she reports that demand is still there. “From the schools we have spoken to, parents are actually keen to get keepsakes for their kids to remember the set that graduated during the pandemic, so I believe [they are] thinking of the good amid the circumstances.” Rainbow transfers While order quantities will hopefully remain the same as in pre-pandemic years, the colour and text choices may alter. Geoff expects more schools to move away from traditional single-colour prints. Jester Prints introduced its digital Tuftrans transfer – a digitally printed, full-colour design with a “highly wash-resistant and eco-friendly, water-based adhesive” – a couple of years ago. Geoff says Tuftrans is ideal for reproducing full-colour with blends, and is the type of transfer the company used for the NHS rainbow designs. “With the popularity of the iconic ‘rainbow’ imagery it’s likely that many school leavers designs will follow that trend and feature a rainbow or rainbow colours in their designs.” Ola has had a few orders asking for rainbows and ‘lockdown’ added to the text, but most, she says, are sticking to the usual format of school logo plus number on the back with names, although more are asking for children’s nicknames to be included. A greater colour choice is being offered to the students, reports Jemma. “I think because there’s a feeling that young people are getting a bit of a bum deal at the moment, so why not give them the choice!” Like Ola, she’s had a few requests for rainbows and ‘lockdown’ on them. “One school had a rainbow with ‘We stayed in and saved the world’ underneath it, which we thought was rather lovely. At least it gave their young students a bit of recognition for staying in and helping to save the NHS.” Some have also asked for ‘Covid-19’ to be included, something she’s advised against “mainly because Covid-19 is a virus and it has felt a bit weird to include it!”. The designs aren’t the only difference. “We’ve adapted to delivering stock personally to the schools or person arranging the order, and we’ve changed it so each item is individually packaged in a biodegradable bag so it limits handling of the hoodie itself,” reports Aimee. Sticky Ink Studios is also including a free T-shirt with leavers hoodies that has a motivational phrase/pandemic styling to it, says Aimee. “Responses we’ve had from those who have had an order with us have been positive about the additional tee and said that it was unexpected, but made them smile.” A bit of joy combined with a bit of normality; with good planning, leavers’ hoodies are still more than capable of achieving top grades this year. WOODBANK HOODIES MADE-TO-ORDER SPECIAL COLOURS ALSO AVAILABLE. EMBROIDERY IN JUST 3 DAYS. Sizes from 2-3 years to XXL CONTACT ROWLINSON KNITWEAR ON 0161 477 7791 TO PLACE YOUR ORDER. Available from stock for next day delivery in black, navy, bottle, maroon, red, royal and purple. IS SCHOOLWEAR & COLLEGEWEAR